"Hi! I'm Vivian, the Human MRI and #1 Money Magnet Activator.

If you're an overwhelmed female business owner who wishes to make more money with more ease then we need to talk. I can clear your invisible money blocks and find clarity so you can live the life you deserve." 

It’s time to change the trajectory of your life and your business. 


If you are a six-figure female business owner who can’t catch a break or get ahead, allow me to help you. 


I know how important your business is. It is your passion, your mission and the keys to your financial freedom and happiness. It is everything. 


But if you are like a lot of business owners, your success is a far cry from what you originally imagined.

You’re running around, hustling to bring in a steady stream of business. 


You’re constantly checking your phone to keep tabs on your clients and extinguish any fires or red alarms that suddenly appear. 


You’re working around the clock just to make sure everything is running smoothly.


Most of all, you are spinning your wheels wondering what to do next to raise your bottom line and bring in more business. 


You are barely holding your head up above water as you watch each and every milestone come and go. 


Now, your brain won’t turn off. You can’t seem to stop working during your off-hours, even when you try to slow down and relax. The stress, anxiety and FEAR surrounding your business is impossible to ignore, especially if you feel like your hard work over the past year did not pay off like you wanted it to. 

It’s time to put your foot down and try something new. Life doesn’t have to be like this. There’s an easier way to bring in more money WITHOUT working yourself into the ground. 


    “My oh my! She wasn't kidding when she says she is the money magnet . I have three big chunks of money come my way since and people just showing up in my life out of the blue seeking to pay me for my services! All I can say is, I believe in Vivian's magic healing talent and I feel in my gut that she cleared off the stale energy I may have had and I walked out a new woman.”



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    Award-Winning International Speaker and TV Producer

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    You may have invested in different coaching programs, healing sessions yet you are still feeling unfulfilled, there are a few hidden factors that's causing your feeling of unrest.


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